SHS Viveon goes CO2 neutral

We are convinced that sustainability will be fundamental for the coming years. Therefore we are striving to work in a completely sustainable and CO2-neutral way in the future. And you have just made a start with your click. Instead of Christmas presents, SHS Viveon is donating trees this year as part of the worldwide “Trillion Trees” campaign via the charitable foundation “Plant for the Planet”.

And you make it possible!

Climate protection for Christmas: by children, for children
The initiative: Plant-for-the-Planet Children make their voices heard

More than 88,000 children have already been trained in academies in 74 countries. Through Plant-for-the-Planet, children teach themselves about the climate crisis so that they can then plant trees and make the world a little better.

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The project: Reforestation in Yucatan Mission: 1.000 billion trees!

When a green thumb alone won’t do.
When Plant-for-the-Planet first took over the site in Mexico, the land lay fallow. Within just one year, however, the area was successfully turned back into an important carbon sink. Today, Plant-for-the-Planet employs over 100 people and plants about 1100 trees per hectare. By 2030, 100 million trees are to be restored here.

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Video - Plant-for-the-Planet Mexico
Kids on a mission Plant as many trees as possible
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