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Every business relationship not only holds revenue potential but also harbors risks in every phase of the customer life cycle. Riskpilot allows you to automate all risk-relevant customer processes from making application decisions to calculating the probability of recovery in receivables management in a 100% digital, fast and regulatory compliant manner.

With SHS Viveon Riskpilot you can do the following:
Easily model and automate recurring processes for credit, fraud and compliance decisions
Make scalable and high-performance credit decisions, e.g. when purchasing on account in an online store
Define and control the implementation of your risk strategy in detail
Trace all processes and decisions in an auditable manner
If required, integrate manual, user-configurable decisions and checks – without any IT know-how
3 reasons to use SHS Viveon Riskpilot: Unlimited freedom
Absolutely flexible Your business – your rules Riskpilot is the most flexible solution to easily map even the most complex decision processes and extend your competitive advantage.
Scalable Grows with your requirements From 5000 to 5 million customers? New products with new target groups or billing models, such as subscription services? No problem, because thanks to its modular architecture, you can rely on Riskpilot to provide you with support in every phase as well as with changes to your business model.
Sophisticated Get started faster Out-of-the-box processes and rules are available for the most common use cases (e.g. e-commerce) to help you get off to a quick start.
Get started right away: with SHS Viveon Riskpilot
  • As a cloud service or on-premise: use Connect as best suits you. But always simply for you and your IT
  • Quickly ready for use: easily configurable to suit your needs
  • Fully compatible: with your IT systems (e.g. SAP S4/Hana, SAP R3, CRM, etc.)
  • Certified: ISO 27001 certified and GDPR compliant
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Whether risk or credit management: We’re your partner to simplify your customer processes. Monitoring, automating, controlling – the platform makes it easy: modular to suit your needs.

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