New e-commerce opportunities There are plenty of challenges:

Increase profitability, boost new customer acquisition, enhance operational efficiency and do all this while meeting increasing regulatory requirements.

Leading financial sector companies rely on the smart and flexible SHS Viveon platform to solve these risk management and credit allocation challenges. Manage your entire credit or leasing process, from the application to contract expiry, in a scalable solution.

“We take customer service seriously. With SHS Viveon, we can continuously optimize our payment process and offer more customers the payment methods that suit them best without increasing our costs and default risks. It was important for us to find a solution that would give us the necessary flexibility and independence to manage our risk strategy on our own and react quickly to market challenges.” Philipp Steinhäuser
Vice President Finance
What can we do for you? The SHS Viveon platform takes your e-commerce to the next level
Better decisions Make use of credit agencies, credit insurers and other service providers to control your master data and risk and limit management while optimizing compliance tasks as well as your dunning and debt collection management.
More sales Optimize your credit approval dynamically according to the risk profile of the existing portfolio.
Centralized control Complete digitization of credit checks, assessment of credit terms and detection of credit fraud with a central platform.
Greater efficiency Scaling your business with the same number of employees.
Your advantages:
Operational excellence: consolidation and automation of various credit processes and software solutions
Secure and auditable: react quickly to market changes and regulatory requirements
Cutting-edge technology: benefit from a highly scalable and flexibly expandable platform that grows with you