Ahead of the times instead of keeping up with the times

SHS Viveon Insights was developed for companies that want to be ahead of the times. Because the days of manual data preparation in tables belong to the past – and we are talking about more than a few nifty bar charts. Modern data intelligence gives you answers to the performance of your regulations, processes and strategies: Which product or customer groups pose the highest risk? How do shopping cart sizes or assigned limits influence sales and risk? How can you optimize the efficiency of external information providers or trade credit insurance companies?

With SHS Viveon Insights you can do the following:
Get a 360° overview of all your business relationships with regard to risk, fraud and compliance criteria at all times
Monitor all financial and other key figures of your portfolio and take countermeasures in case of deviations
Design dashboards for the different information needs of management and specialist departments
Simulate changes in customer portfolios or regulations
Reasons to use SHS Viveon Connect: Data intelligence for your risk­ management
Centralized No more data silos and manual reports Insights provides you with all important key figures you need regarding your business partners and transactions in a single solution. Regardless of whether a matter of credit risk, fraud or compliance KPIs.
Focused Concentrate on the essential cases Assistance systems help you manage your high-risk transactions and alert you in case of anomalies (e.g. suspicious patterns or portfolio changes).
Get started right away: with SHS Viveon Insights
  • As a cloud service or on-premise: use Insights as best suits you. But always simply for you and your IT
  • Plug & Play: quick and easy integration of new data sources
  • Fully compatible: with your IT systems (e.g. SAP S4/Hana, SAP R3, CRM, etc.)
  • Secure: ISO 27001 certified and GDPR compliant
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Learn more Your interface to the future: the SHS Viveon platform

Whether risk or credit management: We’re your partner to simplify your customer processes. Monitoring, automating, controlling – the platform makes it easy: modular to suit your needs.

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