Risk and credit management – on a single platform Whether risk or credit management: making well-informed decisions is becoming increasingly complex. Simplify your customer processes with us as a partner. Screening, controlling, automating – the cloud makes it easy: all modules can be adapted to meet your needs.
New standards instead of standard solutions: our platform modules
Connect Data speaks louder than words When it comes to risk and credit assessments, you shouldn’t rely on your gut feeling alone: we leverage all relevant national and international sources to provide you with a solid basis on which to make your decisions. Connect
Insights Impressive analyses Yesterday’s data results in tomorrow’s errors. Which is why you should rely on our analysis tool. All KPIs relevant to you in real time: visually organized to help you work with them quickly and easily. Insights
Riskpilot Your decisive advantage Make decisions – but only the ones that really matter. Simplify your workflow with our intelligent automation engine and turn complex processes into efficient routines. Riskpilot
Compliance Customers or chaos? Digitization makes it possible – and we make it better: save time and paperwork in your compliance management. With all important data, up-to-date and automated in one tool. Compliance
Trade Receivables management without limits Dynamic markets and changing partners make it particularly demanding to keep track of things in the B2B area. Manage your accounts receivable, limits and processes with just one interface. Trade