With SHS Viveon Compliance you can do the following:
Completely digitize and standardize your compliance process
Manage the B2B onboarding process, B2C compliance checks, ongoing compliance management and control, while assessing the credit risk of your business partners with a single solution
Clearly identify companies, evaluate decision makers and owners (UBO) and determine financial and creditworthiness figures, while crosschecking companies and persons with various sanction and PEP (Politically Exposed Persons) lists
3 reasons to use SHS Viveon Compliance: Compliance management according to your rules
Track everything at a glance One central interface The “Compliance Wizard” reliably guides you through the seven step process: from the identification of business partners to the customizable approval process. Our intelligent “traffic light system” lets you know whether you are making reliable progress. As usual: green means you can simply continue.
As a rule Automated For us, automated does not automatically mean the same thing for every customer. Your company your rules: SHS Viveon Compliance automates configurable, rule-based decisions to the extent you want, allowing you to trace the history of all decisions you have taken at any time. You are given the option of switching to manual processing in every phase, for example with the two-person rule.
Self-learning Compliance management Static solutions are incapable of meeting current and future requirements in compliance and risk management. SHS Viveon Compliance learns from past decisions and automatically optimizes itself. The module thus allows you to avoid going over decisions several times as long as the current data situation does not require this.