Credit Mission Control Actively manage KPIs.
Robust risk assessments of your entire customer portfolio thanks to integrated databases - automated and in just a few steps.
Smart authorization processes Manual Processes Adé
Control of all relevant key figures such as recoverable sales, risk structure, credit and risk costs, DSO, ...
Focus on the important things Time for your customer relationships.
Digitization and automation of all Credit Management processes - focus on the important things again.
Centralization Manage commercial credit insurance policies centrally.
Centralized and dynamic hedging of financial risks through fully automated management of collateral, esp. trade credit insuran-
How to automate your Credit Management.
Central, in one Credit Management platform

Through customized, automated workflows, Trade (formerly DebiTEX) helps you to efficiently manage and control debtors, credits & ERVs centrally (automated credit applications, portfolio valuations, limit calculations / authorization processes, etc.). Your data, internal and external, becomes usable and actionable to manage your debtors globally and in real-time. You get all KPIs at a glance: Recoverable sales, credit and risk costs, risk structure, DSO …

Never Excel Mania again.
Why digitize at all?

Over 84% of credit managers see “automation of risk-related processes” as their biggest challenge in the next 12-24 months.
Our Credit Management Guide (2021) provides guidance on how to tackle this Key Challenge.

Credit Management mit SHS Viveon
Your advantages
SAP and non-SAP systems can be connected seamlessly and in parallel
Experts for credit management: You don't just need a "software", but a partner who knows, for example, how to manage WKV contracts worldwide
The latest technology for the 21st century: Benefit from a platform that adapts as you grow. New companies and systems can be easily integrated
All-round carefree security: Respond quickly to market changes and new regulatory requirements
Do not believe us, believe our customers

“After we standardized and centralized credit management in Europe and North America, we were able to reduce not only the costs for external information from credit agencies, but also days sales outstanding (DSO) and bad debt losses in a short time. Last but not least, centralization always results in an area becoming more economical overall.”
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Andreas Wenzel, Global Head of Credit & Customer Finance
Agfa NV

Credit Management Guide 2021

Input for your credit processes: Want simple, fast processes instead of email ping-pong? Discover risks before the CFO calls? Credit Management on a world-class level?
In our guide we show you how.