Case Study - Freudenberg Sealing Technologies

A global market leader automates its credit management

Freudenberg Sealing Technologies is the largest Business Group in the Freudenberg Group and a long-standing technology expert and global market leader for demanding and novel applications in sealing technology and electromobility. With its unique materials and technology expertise, the company is a proven supplier of sophisticated products and applications as well as a development and service partner for customers in the automotive industry and general industry.
Plenty of manual labor and not automatic processes How do you want to manage 2.2 billion euros in sales per year and keep track of a wide variety of accounts and know where your risk is? That's relatively difficult with Excel and continuous uploads and downloads alone. This is exactly where Freudenberg Sealing Technologies reached its limits at some point and looked for a solution to automate its credit management processes.
Due to time-consuming, manual information collection, outdated data that was only available on a monthly basis, and manual checking in Excel lists, employees were continuously running behind the required order releases from Sales.

"Because of many different systems we had in place and this massive data set, it took us a very long time to merge our risk data and were actually spending almost two weeks each month preparing data into the different systems."

Jutta Linne
Director Order-to-Cash
Freudenberg Sealing Technologies
The solution: Automate Credit Management

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