SHS Viveon moves to a hybrid work model for the working world of the future New "Hub & Spoke" architecture makes location-independent work permanently possible

Munich, August 12, 2021 – SHS Viveon AG (m:access ISIN DE000A0XFWK2 / WKN A0XFWK), the modular platform for the automation of risk, credit and compliance processes, is increasingly focusing on location-independent working even after the end of the Corona pandemic. By setting up a structure with three central “hubs” in Munich, Stuttgart and Burghausen and decentralized “spokes”, modern working is to become a reality. The spokes can be very different locations, e.g., the home office, coworking spaces, rooms in the university environment, variably rented creative rooms, rooms directly at the customer’s premises or simply in a café.

“The days of rigid working models are over. For the future, we are relying on a hybrid dynamic model of self-managed Spoke and personal presence in our current three hub locations. There, we provide our employees with modern coworking spaces and large creative and quiet areas. The tradition of fixed workplaces is dissolving and giving way to a creative and motivating dynamic in which every employee can find themselves,” explains Ralph Schuler, CEO of SHS Viveon. The most important hub remains the company’s headquarters in Munich.

The new working model is based on aspects of crisis security and the wishes of the employees. Employee surveys at the company, for example, have shown that staff very much appreciate high flexibility and extensive home office options, says Schuler. Nevertheless, personal contact between colleagues should not be underestimated. Self-organized and self-responsible creative and communication spaces serve this purpose. These counteract personal alienation, de-emotionalization toward colleagues and, not least, toward the company. Especially the integration of new employees works effortlessly in this way. Above all, however, the opportunity for personal contact must be guaranteed: “Personal contact remains an important prerequisite for important meetings, a successful onboarding process and for emotional attachment to the company,” says Schuler.

The new structure also presents the software company with new challenges: “In the modern, decentralized world of work, our managers are being called upon more strongly to coordinate employees and maintain an overview. Modern communication and work tools make it easier for us to work over greater distances,” says Schuler.

Schuler sees advantages in the new structure, especially when it comes to recruiting employees in times of a shortage of skilled workers: “With our new working model, we are attractive to applicants from all over Europe, who can become part of SHS Viveon AG from almost anywhere,” Schuler emphasizes.

Living walls' enable time-shifted collaboration in SHS Viveon's new decentralized working model" (Photo credit: SHS Viveon).


‚Living walls’ enable time-shifted collaboration in SHS Viveon’s new decentralized working model
(Photo credit: SHS Viveon).


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SHS Viveon’s mission is to significantly simplify the management of corporate financial and regulatory risks. The SHS Viveon platform enables Risk, Credit and Compliance Management teams to automatically identify, assess and hedge risks in a flexible, digital process. It simplifies access to all relevant data from any system, automates processes, and improves analysis and simulation, enabling better business decisions. SHS Viveon was founded in 1991 and has been listed on the m:access of the Munich Stock Exchange since 1999.




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