Santhosh, Project Manager Professional in every phase Great projects and a great team

1.Tell us about a recent project you worked on or a nice encounter you had with a coworker.

I am currently working as Project Lead, responsible for multiple projects. The most recent one is with the premium car industry in Germany.  

We provide enterprise-driven solutions with our Risk Management tool, where I carry out requirement analysis, planning, presales, and project management. Furthermore, I am also familiarizing myself with the SHS Risk Management tool (Risk suite). I had the opportunity to provide the best possible IT compliance solutions in Risksuite. Moreover, I am responsible for designing, implementing, and testing business processes. I am also focusing on the topics of Retail Application Management, Know-Your-Customer (KYC).  

I enjoy my work environment, sharing it with great colleagues, with whom I have great interactions. My manager is always supportive and guided me in all the processes in the initial weeks at SHS. In addition, he motivates me every day and is one of my best coworkers at work. 

2. What were your first thoughts when you heard about this company?  

I was super excited when I heard about the opportunity. It was a dream come true moment for an international who moved abroad and get the opportunity to work with one of the top IT solution providers in the field of credit risk management. From the start, I was impressed with SHS slogan “fromrisktovalue”. I always wanted to work in cross-functional teams and diverse environments and SHS proved to me to believe that I have chosen the right organization. I am thrilled to be part of SHS Viveon which gives one platform for all global companies to automate, standardize their credit risk decisions and compliance processes.  

3. What is your favorite part of working with the company’s team? 

There are many wonderful things but in short, my favorite part is having the chance to interact, learn and solve real-time industry problems together and grow as one team. My team is incredibly supportive and very open-minded to approach. SHS leadership team is very professional and easy to reach and interact with. I always had great discussions with HR, Finance & Marketing teams and I am happy to be part of a dynamic environment and grow together in the coming years.