Gonzalo, Office Manager From search to satisfaction My journey at SHS Viveon

1. Why did you start working for our company?

I was looking for a job that would offer me interesting challenges. It was also important for me to have the opportunity to develop professionally and to find the right “work-life balance”. A good atmosphere at the workplace was also essential to me. After I started working here, I immediately realized that I had made the right decision to choose SHS.


2. What do you particularly like about working with the teams?

Whether I am in contact with Accounting, HR or Professional Services, everyone at SHS is always willing to help. Even though we have different jobs and maybe different perspectives depending on the department, a common goal always seems to be visible to everyone. Communication, moreover, is quite open and new suggestions are constantly listened to and taken into account.


3. What are your goals for your professional future at SHS Viveon?

I always keep in mind that I work in a software company, where innovation and problem solving are the daily routine, which excites me a lot. Therefore, I would like to benefit from the opportunity to learn more, in general in the field of IT management and, in particular, about our products and their implementation, so that I can expand my “toolbox” and reconcile several areas of expertise. SHS is the best option for this.