Everything you love about us. Meet the new SHS Viveon.

Thinking your processes differently and adapting them modularly to your needs is important to us. We are developing our platform with new possibilities and technologies to map your customer processes even more flexibly, easily, and smartly. And all based on the products you already use like RiskSuite or DebiTex.

Our CEO & Chairman of the Board Ralph Schuler and our product specialists would like to guide you through our vision and improvements in speed and customer focus which you can leverage today.

Last but not least current SHS Viveon customers like Swisscom will talk about their Risk- and Credit-Management challenges in this specifically challenging year and how they solve them.

SHS Viveon LIVE! Vision & Roadmap

Join our live webcast with exciting information about our products Debitex, RiskSuite, Proofitbox and our new SHS Viveon platform – inspiring, new, future-proof! Take a guided tour of our vision and reveal our roadmap of the new SHS Viveon.

You can look forward to everything you love about us. And learn even more.

Customer Love “How we are improving product innovation, development agility and customer success“ Ralph Schuler
(Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer, SHS Viveon AG)
Dirk Findeisen
(Vice President Customer Growth and Success / Professional Services, SHS Viveon AG)
Vision & Roadmap “Built on the products you successfully use today - the only universal and modular platform for all your risk, credit and compliance needs” Ralph Schuler
(Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer, SHS Viveon AG)
Eva Sophie Wiesmüller
(Board Member, Chief Technology and Product Officer, SHS Viveon AG)
Product Love “How SHS Viveon customers are driving innovation and top line growth” Customer Case 1: “Risk Management”
Customer Case 2: “Credit Management” (i.e. Swisscom)
Breakout Sessions „Deep dive into the roadmap and present the upcoming features“ Session 1: “Risk Management & Compliance”
Session 2: “Credit Management”
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