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With SHS Viveon Trade you get full transparency of your accounts receivable and production risks in one system. Thanks to automated processes, you can be sure that you comply with all obligations towards the trade credit insurance. Zero manual effort for you, zero error rate thanks to our system, but the good feeling of being optimally insured against payment defaults.

  • Full transparency of your outstanding accounts and customer risks
  • 100% compliance with all obligations
  • Less manual effort



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Managing trade credit insurance was once complex.

Many companies shy away from trade credit insurance because it is complex and time-consuming to handle. Instead, they take on the default risk themselves, assuming: “It’s always worked out well so far. That is risky.

Country-specific obligations Country- and contract-specific obligations In order for your ERV to apply, you must ensure that you fulfill all the obligations agreed with the insurer. These may vary from insurer to insurer, from contract to contract, and from country to country. So you need to apply to your insurer for individual cover for each of your client accounts and, depending on the underlying insurance contract, comply with the agreed reporting rules. This can quickly become complex. With SHS Viveon Trade, you can be sure that all rules are adhered to and transparently documented. So that the insurance is really secure.

Errors due to manual processes Errors due to manual processes Even the smallest process errors can mean that the insurance cover for your claim does not apply. For example, you underwrite your cover to the parent company of your customer but deliver the goods to a subsidiary. This means that you diligently pay your insurance premium, but your delivery is not insured.
Many systems - no overview Many systems - no overview Most companies map their value chain in various IT systems such as SAP and non-SAP, CRM and production systems. They bring the information together manually or in Excel. Not only is there a lack of overview, but the potential for errors is also enormously high due to the manual processes. If a company realises too late that it needs an extended credit line for a customer, this can lead to unsecured risks - or you forego sales and annoy your customer. If the request for an increase is approved, the new credit limit has to be manually transferred back into all systems Simple is different.

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Trade credit insurance without any stress?
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Simply leave the handling of your trade credit insurance to us. You get a real-time overview of all open items and production risks in one system. In addition, our automated processes ensure that all contract-specific obligations are met. You have the good feeling of always being optimally insured, save time, and can concentrate on the essential tasks and your customers. Our industry-leading Credit Management solution SHS Viveon Trade ensures:

Automated Management of your WKV in a central system

In the future, you will receive the data that your credit managers previously had to painstakingly compile and process manually from various SAP, ERP, and production systems in a clear dashboard in our SHS Viveon Trade System. Full transparency, customer analyses at the touch of a button, zero error rate.

Secure compliance with all obligations

Every insurer and every contract has its own, partly country-specific regulations regarding trade credit insurance. Our (partially) automated processes ensure that you consistently comply with all obligations and make sure that your credit insurance really does apply in the event of a claim.

Increase your credit limit in good time

Analyze the buying behavior of your customers, so you know exactly when you can expect payment or whether you’d better request an increase in your credit limit in good time.

Active management of coverage gaps

We make impending gaps in coverage and the associated inherent risks transparent and manage them in fully automated processes. This means you can be sure that you comply with all your obligations and compliance requirements.

Non-binding demo Non-binding demoTest our digital platform without any obligation and get an instant overview of your customers' creditworthiness and payment history.
Individual offer Individual offers tailor our modular solution exactly to your requirements in Credit and Risk Management. You only pay for what you really need.
Just get started Just get started you have all production risks, buyer, and payment information in one system that takes care of all compliance obligations in an automated way.
We take the risk for you

We know how difficult it is for large, international companies to comply with the contractual obligations of their trade credit insurances. It is frustrating that they are more concerned with information and reporting obligations than with the actual core business. It is also frustrating that you can never be sure that your insurance will pay out in the event of a claim.

That’s why we developed SHS Viveon Trade. With our digital Credit and Risk Management System, handling your trade insurance is very simple. Numerous customers from different industries are already using our solution successfully. Let us advise you as well.

"The SHS Viveon Credit Management platform offers us the flexibility we need to perfectly map our complex structures and ideally manage our processes. This allows us to fulfil all obligations towards our credit insurance on time." Christoph Lutterbuese
Head of Global Credit Management
Dentsu International Limited
Talk directly to your SHS Viveon expert, we look forward to hearing from you.