The current situation:
  • SAP announced 2020: Financial Supply Chain Management (FSCM) to be fully merged into SAP Receivables (S/4HANA) in the future
  • Time to think: Does my SAP Credit Management solution meet the requirements of flexible and efficient credit management? Does the solution meet the cost & project effort of internal resources?
  • Credit Risk Processes 4.0 – Holistic, in real-time and customer-centric: How can this be brought together internally with your SAP (ERP)?

Many credit managers are now asking themselves the question:
Run Credit Management entirely in SAP (e.g. S/4HANA) or connect an “external” Credit Management solution in SAP?


The use case decides

What does credit management have to do with architecture? – and which solution is the right one?

Solutions related to SAP can be multifaceted. Not only Susanne Vavro-McCord, but also our Checklist gives you guidance on how to tackle this challenge.

Do the "self-check" with our SAP checklist

Credit Management with SAP/ERP Systems - What should you pay attention to?

The solution: Hybrid Credit Management - seamlessly connected to SAP or NON-SAP (CRM, ERP) systems.

Overview and active management of debtor risks At the push of a button.
Actively manage KPIs such as recoverable revenue, risk structure, credit and risk costs, DSO, etc.
Manage credit agencies & WKVs centrally.
Central processing of all SAP/NON-SAP data Access all data.
Instead of cumbersome compilation of all risk data, you get a consolidated risk overview of your entire organization in real-time, if necessary worldwide.
Flexible & lean development Without consultant effort.
Save yourself expensive consultants and above all time. Because: "Time is Money" - Integrated credit management solution available within 4 months.
Do the "self-check" with our SAP checklist

SAP Credit Management with SHS Viveon
Your advantages
Risk data centrally: SAP and non-SAP systems can be connected seamlessly and in parallel
Experts: You don't just need a "software", but a partner who knows, for example, how to manage WKV contracts worldwide
The latest technology for the 21st century: Benefit from a platform that adapts as you grow. New companies and systems can be easily integrated
More flexible: Respond faster to market changes and new regulatory requirements
Credit Management mit SAP Checklist

Do you need orientation?
What do you need to consider before introducing a Credit Management System with SAP? Which questions need to be clarified internally?

Make the “Self-Check”: Download our checklist without obligation and get answers with the help of the right questions.