Deputy Lead Product Design SHS Viveon in Julia´s word Solving complex issues creatively

1.What does your average day look like.

My daily coding routine starts with a coffee. Then first thing in the morning I check new messages, talk to my colleagues and already solve the first small tasks. We often work together on different tasks during the process. Then it’s on to the actual tasks and I dive into the source code. I implement new features and fix bugs. What I like most about programming is the puzzling and trial and error. As a software developer you are by no means a lone wolf – communication is needed at all times. Whether it’s the design of the feature that you discuss with the stakeholders, or the discussion of technical challenges in the developer circle. I am in close contact with my colleagues at all times, and can consult or contribute to joint projects as needed. This kind of collaboration allows me to share my knowledge and skills with others and learn from them. 


2. How have you developed at SHS Viveon AG and what are your plans for the future 

When I arrived at SHS Viveon on my first day as a software developer, I received a very warm welcome. This was a completely new experience for me, who had just completed my studies at the time. It was impressive to see how everything I had read and learned about software development flowed together. In the meantime, I have become an experienced employee. The technical processes that seemed very complex to me at the beginning have now become my core competence. I am particularly proud of my involvement in developing the concept for microfrontends. Although the concept of microfrontends was relatively new at the time, the idea excited me from the start. I am convinced that it will be an important step in the development of modern web applications and that it will establish itself as a new standard in the long run. I have many plans for the future. It is very important to me to constantly expand my expertise and skills. I am looking forward to taking on responsibility in the area of DevOps soon and expanding my knowledge in this area. At the same time, it is important to me to develop personally as well. 

3. What inspires you most about the work?   

As a software developer, what excites me most is the opportunity to develop creative solutions to complex problems. Every project brings new challenges, and I love taking on and overcoming those challenges. I also enjoy collaborating with other developers and learning from them, as each developer brings their own skills and perspectives. Another factor that excites me about working as a software developer is that technology is constantly evolving, which means there is always something new to learn. It is really satisfying, to see how my work can contribute to developing innovative technologies and products that make the lives of others easier or better.