13/10/2020 Credit management
Christian Steiner

Completeness of the credit insurance connection for large, international customers in only one platform

Protection of receivables via trade credit insurance.

Bad debt losses and the resulting lack of liquid funds pose particular challenges for the economy. Depending on the extent of the default, companies run the risk of running into a liquidity bottleneck and in the event of extraordinarily large defaults – either in terms of the amount or the number of cases – of facing insolvency themselves. It is therefore not only medium-sized or smaller companies that seek protection for their receivables via trade credit insurance, large international companies also want to protect themselves in this way. Trade credit insurance is still an important pillar in the protection of receivables, especially in export business, to safeguard against the risk of default. But how do you obtain cover through trade credit insurance?

DebiTEX platform combines the available “process universe” of the leading trade credit insurers.

Such insurance can be taken out either with the local insurance company, an online insurer or with a bank that offers this cover. In doing so, one has to deal with all other issues, such as regulations, oneself. If you use our DebiTEX platform, all necessary and important specifications, information and features are integrated in one platform. The three leading providers of trade credit insurance in Europe – Coface, Euler Hermes and Atradius – are connected to DebiTEX with the entire available “process universe”. As a DebiTEX user, you now have the possibility to manage and control the contracts with the three largest suppliers of trade credit insurance. Here, the users can either decide on one provider or use all three in combination. According to the modular principle, the customer can choose the providers and add them to “his” platform. This eliminates the need for complex projects within the customer’s own ERP world, which map the analysis of the obligations and the necessary verification steps, because the platform already has everything available. Thanks to its many years of experience with the three major providers and a customer base that relies heavily on trade credit insurance as a supporting measure in credit management, SHS VIVEON has been able to develop consulting and implementation expertise in this sector that meets the requirements of an international credit management business.

But what other advantages does Debitex offer?

DebiTEX completely maps all processes and has integrated national, international and global policies. The respective evaluation or rating products are also included. In addition, the various insurance procedures, such as “excess of loss” or classic insurance with named and flat-rate part can be depicted. Additional features such as top-up products can be added if required, thus allowing the process to be configured according to individual specifications and wishes. The great advantage of our DebiTEX platform compared to other software products is the complete obligation control. All important information is bundled in our platform and can therefore be called up at the right and appropriate time. No other media or systems have to be used, as all necessary data and information is bundled in the platform and is therefore contained. In addition, a deeply developed reporting system is available with regard to CT. All features can be called up online. DebiTEX is therefore “state of the art” and the “must have” for large and international companies who want to connect a credit insurance.

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