“Our mission: helping companies improve their business relationships with the latest technology and consulting. Flexible, simple and smart. We call it Risk Management as a Service.”

Ralph Schuler
Chairman of the Management Board, Chief Executive Officer
SHS Viveon AG

The new SHS Viveon platform Fit for the requirements of the future

SHS Viveon has been setting new standards in risk and credit management with longstanding customers for 30 years. And is developing the solutions of tomorrow today. 17% of sales go directly into research and development. The new, modular SHS Viveon platform combines the experience of proven solutions such as DebiTex and RiskSuite with new and innovative technologies.

All SHS Viveon software solutions are included in the modular “Risk Management as a Service” platform. Both as a cloud or on-premise solution.

For you as a customer, this means one thing above all: you can continue to use your DebitTex, RiskSuite or proofitBOX solution as usual. Nothing will change for your existing product.

We are also planning to launch the first platform features in the coming weeks and months. Our customer success team will let you know how you can benefit from the new options our Connect module offers.

Your interface to the future: the SHS Viveon platform

Whether risk or credit management: We’re your partner to simplify your customer processes. Monitoring, automating, controlling – the platform makes it easy: modular to suit your needs.

SHS Viveon platform

SHS VIVEON MODUL Connect Your data management solution: managing credit agencies, trade credit insurance companies, Fintechs and many other data sources has never been so easy.
SHS VIVEON MODUL Insights Put an end to manual reports. Configurable dashboards provide risk and credit managers with an up-to-date overview at all times and allow them to be proactive rather than reactive.
SHS VIVEON MODUL Riskpilot Your risk management “Robo-advisor”: implementation, operationalization, execution and simulation of decision models with a central and scalable platform.
SHS VIVEON MODUL Compliance 360° compliance module for comprehensive compliance checks of suppliers, partners and customers that allow you to meet all regulatory requirements in a simple and smart manner.
SHS VIVEON MODUL Trade The all-in-one B2B credit management solution automates your processes and reduces credit costs as well as days sales outstanding (DSO) while facilitating dynamic management of your trade credit insurance policies.